Teething Bracelets and Teething Necklaces could pose strangulation and choking risks to babies, warns FDA

Teething can be one of the most painful stages our babies go through. When looking for a teething remedy it is important to understand the options available and to follow any and all care and use instructions listed on the product packaging.  In this recent FDA warning, teething items like the necklaces and bracelets have been identified as posing life-threatening choking and strangulation hazards. Please be sure to understand the risks associated with various teething remedies.  Below is a short summary of the full article. Access the full article here to get the most recent warning.

The FDA’s warning was written in response to incidents of beads breaking off from necklaces and bracelets, and incidents of strangulation.


  • Necklaces/Bracelets made of
    • Amber
    • Silicone
    • Marble
    • Wood
  • Necklaces/Bracelets worn by
    • Adults
    • Babies

As parents, we have long been proponents of products that are one, solid single part as it reduces the likelihood of the product breaking off.

Summary: Regardless of the teething remedy you use, don’t leave your child unsupervised and always inspect items your baby is likely to put in their mouth for cracks, tears, or any other type of wear and tear. If you observe any wear and tear such as those described, the teether should be discarded and no longer used.

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