Top teething toys for babies


I bought this because it was hilarious. I’m reviewing it because it is an AWESOME toy. My daughter LOVES it. It is the perfect size for her little hands and she chews on it every which way she can.

N. Adams, Amazon

We actually bought this one for a friend after seeing how much our Grandson enjoyed his. It is easy to hold and lots of fun when people realize what it is.

G Wayne, Amazon

Loved this teether,easy to get in mouth.Nice shape,and very entertaining to watch being used.Very pleased with this purchase!

A. Slaughter, Amazon

I love watching my 6 month old chewing on her chicken wing! It was a little heavy for her at first but now she is able to hold it without a problem.

K. Haders, Amazon

I bought this for my son when he started teething. It is so adorable to watch him chewing on his little chicken wing. He loves it, too. It’s one of four teethers that I bought for him, and he seems to enjoy this one more than Sophie, the giraffe (which is still great, but more […]

K. Frye, Amazon

Bought this for a shower gift. It was a hilarious hit that everyone enjoyed! Many laughs were shared and everyone wondered wher I got it!

Hannah S., Amazon

The texture is soft like silicone so my son can chew on it without hurting his gums. All the other teething rings are simply too hard. He absolutely loves it.

Heather M. Bujaky “Baby quilter”, Amazon

Bought this for my 1 year old during the horrible stage of teething and he loves this thing. Plus, it is quite comical to see him holding a chicken wing biting the crap out of it.

J. Quirk, Amazon

this was such a hit at a “daddy to be shower” all the guys loved it. some even want one for them selves lol

Markey V, Amazon

My 6 month old loves this teether. It’s so fun looking too.

Jen “Jen”, Amazon

I purchased a few teethers to help my son get through his molars coming in. This one is nice because of it’s shape…instead of putting his finger in his mouth, this “chicken wing” is curved enough to get in the back. Very original!

Jennifer M, Amazon

My daughter loves her chicken wing!!! Thank you!

Rhea O, Amazon

…my husband is a big grill guy. He loves chicken wings and ribs, so it was a fitting toy for our baby. It is very cute and I think I’m going to use this as a shower gift in the future.

Lisa A, Amazon

This seller is great, and the item was perfect!

JD, Buyer

It’s so hilarious and silly. Of course looking at it close up you can tell it’s fake, but from far away it looks like a real chicken wing 😛

Lisa LS, Amazon

I believe it is my son’s favorite teether and there’s not a cuter one on the market!

J. Fenske, Amazon

My husband loves his chicken wings…so this was a perfect teether for our baby girl. It looks pretty realistic and washes up really easily.

Lisa A, Amazon

Everyone gets a kick out of him chewing on his chicken wing or BBQ rib.

Mallery S, Amazon

My Son loves these teethers and he has been using the for about 3 months now. They are his favorite teethers and I must say that they are pretty funny!

Mallery S, Amazon

My daughter loves her little chicken wing! She loves gnawing on our knuckles and I specifically tried to find a similar shape – the chicken wing is PERFECT!

Baned (Sweden), Amazon

My son loves this! People have stopped and asked me…is he eating a rib.. Lol.

Monkey mom, Amazon

…the hit of my friend’s baby shower.

C. Yelland, Amazon

Love that it’s made of high quality materials instead of *just* trying to be funny.

C. Yelland, Amazon

I got this as a gift for my cousin’s new baby. I was a little scared that they may not like it, but they do!

Athena45, Amazon

…it’s bendy and softer than the usual teether and seems very durable!…Not to mention it is the funniest thing in the world to see a tiny baby with a rib in his mouth! We LOVE this!

Heather, Amazon

Our child LOVE…LOVE…LOVES this product. It is perfect softness and he can chew the heck out of it. Perfect size for him to grip while chewing.

The Butcher, Amazon

…most common teething rings and toys are too big an thick for his mouth and he gets very frustrated! This is smaller and fits his hand perfect…

Heather, Amazon

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