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Should I Buy My Baby’s Products In The Store or Online?

More and more people are buying online these days.  Let’s face it, it is so easy!  You think of something you want or need, and you are seconds away from getting it, virtually anytime and anywhere.  Not only is it very convenient, but you also have much more variety to choose from.  With Amazon.com for […]
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How do you clean your baby’s pacifier when you are at home or on the go?

Keeping your baby’s pacifiers, teethers, nipples, bottles, etc… clean is key to keeping your baby healthy and well.  Each parent has a different opinion as to what constitutes “clean”.  This opinion will largely drive your preferred method. That being said, here is a quick list of some of the more popular methods used to clean […]
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Car Seat Safety Tips for Parents Traveling With Small Children

When it comes to traveling by car with little ones, parents want to be prepared to make the trip as safe as possible. It’s not always easy to know what to do to protect your children, which is why you can find different resources online to help guide parents on how to keep kids safe […]
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5 Hidden Hazards in Your Baby’s Nursery

When buying new products for baby’s nursery, parents need to be aware of what hazardous chemicals and toxins are often hidden in those products. I had to go above and beyond to make sure other parents know what to avoid – and why – when buying baby products. I was shocked after I read a […]
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5 Tips for SIDS Prevention

October is SIDS Awareness Month and parents are encouraged to learn more about the risk factors involved in SIDS and what steps they can take to prevent it. SIDS is defined as the death of an infant, less than 1 year of age that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly and cannot be explained after a thorough […]
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5 Baby Sleep Safety Tips: September is Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month so it is a good time for parents to focus on making sure they are doing all they can to keep their babies safe and protected. Knowing that baby is safe and sound will give parents peace of mind, so creating a safe sleep environment for baby should be a […]
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10 Must Haves to Keep Babies Safe — September is Baby Safety Month

Baby Safety Month is an annual event that began as a way to educate parents on how to safely use second hand, hand-me-down, and gifted baby gear. By encouraging parents to read safety tips and look for safety information on baby products, the Baby Safety Month campaign hopes that more parents and caregivers will educate […]
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Spreading the word, “Never Shake a Baby!”

  Baby Haleigh Donation Fund At Little Toader, we believe in bringing attention to causes that touch our heart. There are so many great causes out there. We want to share with you the Baby Haleigh Donation Fund. Created to bring awareness and to share the message, “Never shake a baby”, and to help provide […]

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