Summer Outdoor Activities

Summer is in full swing and it looks wonderful outside! No more staying cooped up inside with the kids, time to get out and explore! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

– Nature Walk: Just a simple walk in your own yard or down your block. Look for leaves, sticks, bugs and birds.

– Go to the Park: Swings, slide, money bars and new friends!

– Water Play: Get out the pool, a few buckets, some cups, squirt guns, etc. Kids love to get wet!

– Zoo, Aquarium, Museum: Head out for some educational fun, many offer summer classes for kids of all ages.

Share your ideas! What are you doing with your kids this summer?



  • Meagen Leiby
    Aug 04, 2016., 11:45 •

    Summer is almost over here school starts next Wednesday. But this summer has been filled with activities. We went to Disney, the water park, hiking, we even went on a road trip that was fun.

  • Tabitha Luczak
    Aug 04, 2016., 12:23 •

    We have been spending our time hiking, playing at Splash Pads and swimming.

  • Natalie Hill
    Aug 04, 2016., 16:56 •

    My son got to experience camping in a tent for the first time in Glacier this summer! We attended a huge family reunion in Minnesota, lots of walks, stroller rides, bike rides and outside play time!

  • Cassandra Rae
    Aug 04, 2016., 18:48 •

    We have been going on day trips on our days off. No plans for a big vacation get away but we like staying close and it saves money! We go hiking and my toddler brings her magnifilying glass. We go to the beach and build sand castles. It's fun!

  • Colleen Maurina
    Aug 05, 2016., 00:42 •

    Our summer consisted of Vacation Bible School, trips to our local zoo and our wonderful parks, swimming, fun with water balloons and also lots of good old unstructured play!

  • Jamie malave
    Aug 06, 2016., 13:29 •

    I am organizing his room and getting prepared and finishing up some last minute shopping..

  • Maureen O
    Aug 06, 2016., 14:37 •

    We have been spending lots of time outside, especially at the park and splash pad!