Little Toader Cookie® pacifiers are patent-pending, solid silicone pacifiers (solid one-piece pacifiers are recommended American Academy of Pediatrics ). Little Toader’s Cookie® silicone pacifiers are made with medical grade silicone nipples, and each one has a one of a kind design. Parents want safe, effective products for their babies. After those needs are met, bring on the fun and fashion. Cookie® pacifiers are sure to please.
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- Our pacifier nipples are made with medical grade silicone and are colored with FDA approved pigments added to the silicone which means no flaking or paint rubbing off.

-The rounded nipple is designed to emulate the natural sucking motion from a mom’s breast. This provides the baby with comfort, and when baby is happy, mom/dad are happy.

- Our one-piece design also makes for a more sanitary option, as opposed to two-piece pacifiers that can create a collection point for bacteria.

-Perfect gift and collectible for babies and showers. Check out our Little Toader Instagram feed for some of great photo's submitted by our customers.