How To Organize a Kid’s Halloween Party in 5 Easy Steps

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Halloween is a fun time of the year to celebrate with your kids and they will love having a party with their friends and neighbors. While you are getting costumes and a guest list ready, make sure you have some time to plan out your party so that everything runs smoothly when the big day arrives. Follow these five easy steps for organizing your Halloween party this year and get ready for some festive fun!

Step 1: Festive Food

Trick-or-treat candy at a Halloween party is a must-have but try to include some other snacks and food so the little ones don’t get too hopped up on sugar. Pizza bites and chicken nuggets are always crowd pleasers but you can get creative by making your party food look fun and giving it silly and spooky names like spooky ghost pizzas, hot dog mummies and deviled egg eyeballs. For more creative ideas, check out these 15 healthy Halloween party food recipes from

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Step 2: Halloween Games

Keep your guests entertained with some scheduled party games and activities for kids of different ages. Bobbing for apples and pin the stem on the pumpkin is fun for younger kids as well as crafts like decorating trick or treat bags and making Halloween masks. Older kids can keep busy with a scavenger hunt or you can fill boxes with funny, creepy textured items and have kids guess what’s inside while blindfolded. Use spaghetti for intestines, ketchup for blood and peeled grapes for eyeballs. Give out prizes for correct guesses and play spooky music to get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Step 3: Grab Bags 

Give each of the party guests a grab bag to keep treats, party favors and their Halloween crafts. Choose sturdy bags that will hold plenty of Halloween loot. The bags can be filled with candy and favors from a party store and hold plastic spiders and pencils too. You can even decorate the goodie bags with cute Halloween stickers and let kids use them for trick or treating.

Step 4: Send Invites

Plan your guest list by inviting the same amount of kids as your child’s age. If your daughter is 6, let her invite six of her friends. If your son is 9, let him invite nine friends. This will keep the amount of guests at the party more manageable. Once you’ve planned your guest list you are ready to start sending out invitations. You can have your kids help create the invitations by decorating them with Halloween images and stickers and send them out in the mail, or you can easily create them on your computer using clip-art images and send by e-mail.

Step 5: Have Fun!

Once you have everything planned out, get ready to have a great time with your kids and party guests! It will be rewarding to see kids running around in their costumes enjoying the games and food and you’ll feel reassured that they are having a safe, fun time at home. Keep an eye on their sugar intake and have some other parents around to help with supervision to keep the party under control. Give out prizes for those with the most creative costumes and don’t forget to take pictures!

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