Halloween Treats for Babies and Toddlers

Halloween doesn’t just have to be a fun time for older kids, babies and toddlers can enjoy it too! While they can’t eat the same sweets and treats as older siblings, you can still provide them with healthy and safe alternatives so they don’t feel left out of the fun. Keep them entertained with fun activities and toys and they’ll enjoy Halloween just as much as the rest of us! Here are some creative ideas for celebrating Halloween with your little ones.

1. Little Toader LOL! Sucker AppeTEETHERS

This adorable toy is perfect for babies and toddlers who are teething. The patented, silicone teething toy looks just like a real lollipop! While it safely and effectively soothes baby’s sore gums, it will look like your baby is enjoying Halloween candy just like the rest of us!

LOL! Sucker.png

2. Sticker Activity Books from Kids Love Play

Toddlers love playing with stickers and these activity books come with over 150 stickers to choose from to help them dress up fun characters in cool costumes — just like Halloween costumes! Kids can choose from books to dress up pirates, princesses, heroes, ballerinas and more and maybe even get some ideas for Halloween costumes of their own.

Kids Love Play Pirates.jpg  Kids Love Play Princesses.jpg

3. Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are great for lighting up the night on Halloween but they’re also great for entertaining little ones (over 3+). Kids love wearing them as bracelets and necklaces but you can also use them for arts and crafts projects, placing them in balloons or pumpkins and more. Just make sure you keep a close eye on kids when they play with them so they don’t break them open. Always first inspect them and make sure that there are no leakages or cracks and never let your child put them in their mouth.

Glow Bracelets.jpg

4. Pumpkin Baby Food

There’s nothing like pumpkins to get kids in the Halloween spirit! Pumpkin is loaded with vitamins, calcium and antioxidants making it super nutritious for babies and super yummy as well. Try making a pumpkin broccoli puree or baked mashed pumpkin and spice baby food.

Pumpkin Baby Food.jpg

5. My First Pumpkin Play Set

GeniusBabies.com offers an adorable play set for ages 0 and up that kids will love. The play set comes with four fun pieces in a sweet pumpkin carrying case. The pieces include a ghost that squeaks, cat that meows, spider that rattles and a candy corn that crinkles. The toys are super soft and safe for babies and toddlers.

Halloween Play Set.jpg

6. FunBites

funbites(R) is the first state of the art kitchen tool that instantly cuts kids’ food into BITE-SIZED FUN SHAPED PIECES. funbites(R) is 100% MADE IN THE USA and BPA free. They are perfect to get even the pickiest eaters to try something new and eat healthier. funbites(R) make mealtime and snack time more nutritious, a little easier and a lot more fun. Use on any kid-friendly food from pancakes, fish, cheese, and bread to waffles, watermelon and burgers! funbites(R) are perfect for Halloween too!


Fun Bites.jpg

7. Halloween Cookies

Making cookies in fun Halloween shapes like ghosts and bats is easy and a sweet treat for youngsters. You can keep them simple with no frosting or add a little bit of icing made with non-toxic food coloring. Put a different spin on cookies by making pumpkin oatmeal cookies shaped like pumpkins! Here is a great healthy pumpkin cookie recipe from Vital Days.

Healthy Pumpkin Cookies.jpg

8. Halloween Books

There are plenty of Halloween-themed books for babies and toddlers that will definitely become favorites during this special time of year. Check the kid’s section of your local bookstore for a Halloween display and you’ll likely find a Halloween version of your kid’s favorite series like Biscuit, Corduroy or the Berenstain Bears. Just make sure to pick a book that’s not too scary!

Berenstain Bears.jpg