E has a grand total of FIVE teeth.  The first three poked through during our Thanksgiving vacation in Myrtle Beach.  The fourth came as a total surprise on Christmas Eve, and her fifth and final tooth came a couple of weeks ago.
To be completely honest I have NO idea what teething looks like.  I’ve “thought” her crankiness or general displeasure with the world was teething on multiple occasions.  However I was mistaken.  In fact her Christmas tooth came through and we had no idea she was even teething.  It’s her ninja tooth.  The other four we knew were coming.
So far as much as I can tell E’s teething signs are buckets of snot and enough drool to lube a Chevy.  It’s insane how much fluid comes out of her face holes.  After the tooth comes in we are in for a load of diaper fun if you catch my drift.

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