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Marry Mint – Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It seems we are in the season of life where so many of are expecting little bundles of joy. Especially in the military community, it seems that every month there are new babies being welcomed into the world. Whether visiting the hospital, stopping by the family’s home or attending some sort of shower, usually gifts are given to/for the babe. It can get intense having to predict what the baby may need or what the parents may want for their little one.  Prior to having Mallory, purchasing gifts for an expectant couple was, well…awkward for me. Do you buy clothes for the baby? What if the parents hate them or they get duplicates? How about diapers? Ugh, maybe they are using cloth diapers and I will have just wasted my money on disposable ones. The issues are seemingly endless! (Unless the couple has created a baby registry, in which case you can thank your lucky stars and proceed to check out!) Baby shower or baby welcoming gifts can be hard! Soooo, I’ve put together a little list of my go-to new baby gifts to give. Take a look…

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7. teether || How cute is this Broccoli Bites teether by Little Toader?! They have some of the funniest teething toys in their product line which makes for a cute and practical shower gift. These teethers are super durable and completely safe for little ones. Babies can start teething within the first few months of life and it continues for years! (In fact Mallory can still be found gnawing on her broccoli.) Teethers are definitely a great gift option.

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The Best Crowes Nest – Game Time! How to Score a Touchdown With Your Kids

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Make your kid a “Touchdown Kid” and do an end zone dance with these fun goodies to help gear you up for Sunday’s game!

1. Chicken Wing & Baby Back Rib Teethers from Little Toader. Seriously moms! Aren’t these the funniest? Your little one can be chomping down on these while you chomp down on the real thing! We love Little Toaders, because all of their products are BPA, PVC, and Lead Free – only the best for your little quarterback!!


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Mom Trends – Favorite New Teethers

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Little Toader is the creator of the hilarious Appeteethers, which are teething toys that sooth babies’ aching gums through humor! From chicken wings to broccoli, Little Toader works to soothe infant teething pains by massaging your baby’s gums. They are also free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead and are easy for baby to grasp as they offer resistance to soothe baby’s sore gums.

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Theresa’s Reviews – AppeTEETHERS

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“I discovered a cool gift idea for babies. Little Toaders AppeTEETHERS help young kids’ sore gums feel better. Teething was such a pain when my daughter was younger. Now, she sometimes still puts items in her mouth, even though she isn’t actually still teething. For a Christmas gift, I tossed a couple food shaped teethers in the holiday stocking. Before Christmas, while playing in the kids’ kitchen, I had noticed that my daughter put fake food in her mouth during play time to pretend to eat. I had my children use the teethers as fake food in their kitchen as they played. With the teething products, my aim was to ensure that my daughter was only putting play food in her mouth that was safe and healthy for her…” more
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Little Toader: To get prepared for teething, we are loving the innovative and modern teethers from Little Toader. This includes AppeTEETHERS teething that look like real food that are all BPA, PVC, Phthlate and Lead-free. Featuring something for everyone, we love these safe and unique teethers and their cute designs like the the Baconease (Bacon) Appe-teethersFunGuy Appe-teethers (Mushroom) and much more! Fantastic for baby showers and gifts, these teethers are a great way to find a unique teething solution to this often painful process.

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My Mom Shops – Chew on This

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I’m a sucker for cute teething toys, and Little Toader’s AppeTeethers take the cake as today’s newest clever and eco-friendly option. These faux-food silicone teethers are not only adorable to give as gifts (a teething baby chomping on a“Baby-Q Rib”? C’mon…) but they are also a feel-good option for a teether that’s safe to gnaw on; they are totally BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate-free. Buy them for $9.99 a pop (or lollipop) at Little Toader.

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Baby Center – Holiday Gift Guide

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“…Getting stocking stuffers for the kids can be overwhelming. Between the Dollar Store, the dollar section at Target and the checkout aisles at Old Navy, you are bound to find tons of fun options. I scoured the Internet and came up with a few cute things that you may or may not have thought of.”

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