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Earnshaw’s April-May 2014

Earnshaws Final - 600

Snack Time inspired designs are on Trend. AppeTEETHERS teehting toys are spot on.

Pregnancy & Newborn – Crush of the Month

Pregnancy and Newborn

Crush of the Month – Feb. 2014 Issue

Pregnancy and Newborn AppeTEETHERS

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Michigan Chronicle – 8 Summer Must Haves to Keep Kids Safe

Summer is right around the corner and June is National Child Safety Awareness Month. Summer is full of fun, travel, going to the beach and more — here are eight summer must haves to keep kids safe this summer

1. Parking Pal Magnet:

2. SwimZip Swimwear

3. The Noblo Umbrella Buddy

4. Zoe b organic Beach Toys

5. Eye Cream Shades

6. S’well Water Bottle

7. Dr. Robin All Natural Chemical

8. Little Toader AppeTEETHERS – SAFER Teething Toy

While adults and children have fun this summer, so can babies with AppeTEETHERS by Little Toader. Using a play on words with “appetizers” and “teethers”, AppeTEETHERS are fun, safe and effective teething toys that look like real food. While BBQing this summer, baby can enjoy a Chompin’ Chicken Wing or Baby-Q Ribs…coming soon are fruits, veggies and sweets. These patented silicone teething toys are free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead providing the perfect amount of resistance to sooth babies’ sore gums and best of all they are fun.

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Baltimore’s Child

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One thing (among many) that parents can’t avoid is teething. This process seems to go on and on and on and can sometimes be just as painful to watch as it is for our babies to experience. What’s not so painful to watch—but rather hilarious, actually—is your baby teething on a chicken wing. No, not a real chicken wing!

Let me explain…with the ever-growing awareness of what goes into our babies’ mouths, the company Little Toader has come out with a non-toxic, BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free teether that is not only safe and soothing for your baby’s teeth, but also is fun to look at. The teethers come in two shapes: a chicken wing, called the Chompin’ Chicken Wing, and a rib, called the Baby-Q Rib. Just don’t dip ‘em into ranch dressing before giving ‘em to your baby.