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I said I would NEVER give my baby a pacifier, until…

Prior to having any children, there were all sorts of things I said I would never do. One of those was that I was never going to give any of my babies a pacifier. I had heard that it would ruin their teeth and that it was a very hard habit to break. My Pediatrician […]
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Should I Buy My Baby’s Products In The Store or Online?

More and more people are buying online these days.  Let’s face it, it is so easy!  You think of something you want or need, and you are seconds away from getting it, virtually anytime and anywhere.  Not only is it very convenient, but you also have much more variety to choose from.  With for […]
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How do you clean your baby’s pacifier when you are at home or on the go?

Keeping your baby’s pacifiers, teethers, nipples, bottles, etc… clean is key to keeping your baby healthy and well.  Each parent has a different opinion as to what constitutes “clean”.  This opinion will largely drive your preferred method. That being said, here is a quick list of some of the more popular methods used to clean […]
Teething Bracelets and Teething Necklaces could pose strangulation and choking risks to babies, warns FDA
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Urgent Notification: FDA Warns of Teething Jewelry (amber, silicone, beaded, and non-beaded) posing life threatening choking and strangulation hazards

Teething can be one of the most painful stages our babies go through. When looking for a teething remedy it is important to understand the options available and to follow any and all care and use instructions listed on the product packaging.  In this recent FDA warning, teething items like the necklaces and bracelets have been […]
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Getting Ready For Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween?!? It's a little over a month away!Time to start planning those Halloween costumes, getting treats and decorating.If it's your baby's first Halloween it can be a very exciting time picking out their first costume, taking the perfect pictures and taking them trick-or-treating.My little ones have their costumes picked out already, […]
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Summer Outdoor Activities

Summer is in full swing and it looks wonderful outside! No more staying cooped up inside with the kids, time to get out and explore! Here are a few ideas to get you started: – Nature Walk: Just a simple walk in your own yard or down your block. Look for leaves, sticks, bugs and […]
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Valentine’s Day Tradition

[two_third] Traditionally Valentine’s Day is known as a day for lovers but now that you’re a parent it is the perfect time to start some new traditions with your children. It is a day for love, a day to tell those you love how much you love them. Start a new tradition with your children […]
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5 Easy Steps to Make & Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

Each year, families create their own New Year’s resolutions to try and live healthier lifestyles, spend more time together, improve their finances, and more. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to craft a New Year’s resolution that it is to stick to them. This is especially true when you make them as a family and everyone has […]
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Win it Wednesday with AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers

This week, we’re keeping it all natural… and all bright and fun too!! AppleCheeks cloth diapers has a great selection of fun, bright colors. Like us, their company focuses on the fun. You should check out the reveals they do for their diapers – talk about fun!!! AppleCheeks gives you the chance to cloth diaper […]

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