World's Most Expensive Pacifiers (Ever!)

Least Expensive $0.50:

Parent's Choice multi-piece pacifier

You can't really appreciate the cost of some of these pacifiers unless you understand what the least expensive pacifier is. I’m sure there are more inexpensive options, but if there is, it can’t be much less than this.

Traditional multi-piece pacifier from Parents Choice (Walmart Brand) (2 pack) $1

Still Inexpensive, But Are Recommended

Soothie Pacifier by Philips Advent

Solid silicone pacifiers are a little more expensive than multi-piece pacifiers about $4 for two, but they recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  So, in this case, you pay more but you get more.


Cookie Pacifiers Cost A Little More, But They are Cute and Fun

Solid Silicone Cupcake Cookie Pacifiers by Little Toader

For $7.99, you can upgrade your style with Cookie Pacifiers by Little Toader (I can subjectively say these are the best pacifiers in the world for money. If you are going to buy a pacifier today, it should be these).

They are the same solid silicone pacifier recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, but they have fun and cute designs.

Luxury Brands Cost More

Saint Laurent Luxury Pacifier

We found these on for $58. The description says “Inspired by YSL design and made with Nuk style orthodontic pacifier”.  That is kind of like sewing a designer brand label on basic jeans.  The original jeans were nice and worked fine, but some find the label makes them more appealing.

14-Karat Gold

14 Karat Gold Pacifier

The prices are starting to get steep with this one. This one finally gets you some real gold and it still looks like a baby might enjoy sucking on it. As you will see shortly, usability and cost don’t go hand in hand. You can get one of these gold pacifiers on Etsy for $275.

Diamond and White Gold Pacifier

This one is for the truly elite that have money to burn. Made from 14-karat white gold and set with 278 diamonds, this one only costs $1, but the shipping is $16,999 (kidding, of course, they are 17,000).

Platinum Pacifiers Require Gloves to Handle?

Our runner up for the worlds most expensive pacifier is $85,000. It weighs 250g, and is made of pure platinum. Platinum costs $27.50 per gram, that means that the raw materials for this only cost $6,875.  That is a pretty high mark-up!

$2.5 Million Dollar Pacifier?

The winner for the most expensive pacifier in the world is $2,500,000. At least that is what google search returns; however, after a little more research, we found the seller and it is selling for about 5% of that price.  I suspect it was never that much.  but that still puts it as the most expensive pacifer at 100,000 € ($113,225.20)

The name of this pacifier is “Dodo Dummy” (interesting name) by Suommo, a Spanish manufacturer of fine baby furniture.  You can buy your very own at

If We Made a $2,500,000 Pacifier:

A Giant Pacifier that is 18 ft wide and weighs 700 lbs. --->

It is still in the works.  So, if you want to get a great pacifier that is safe, effective and fun, try a Little Toader Cookie Pacifiers.  Available in Daisy and Cupcake designs with pink, lavender, white, yellow and aqua colors on our website or on