What Should I Be Feeding My Baby (The First Year)

You know you either breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby when they are newborns, but what comes next, when and how much? My 4 little ones are way past this phase and it seems the recommendations change each year. I always went with my pediatrician’s recommendations and I would always suggest running all dietary changes for your little one by your pediatrician.

I was always nervous to introduce new foods because of all the stories I heard about food allergies. I started out with homemade organic baby food. Our first child did not like it at all and it even seemed to bother her stomach, so we did all store-bought food with her. Our second and third LOVED my homemade baby food. I started with apples, carrots and squash. Those boys gobbled it up! By the time our 4th baby came along, I didn’t have time for homemade and he did great with store-bought food. We were blessed in that none of our babies had any food allergies. I have a renewed sense of curiosity on the subject as my sister had her first baby last summer after years of struggling with miscarriages. Her little one is in the first foods stage.  I did some research and found this informative article from UNICEF. They give very specific recommendations on what to introduce to your baby and when to introduce it.


Quick and Simple Apple, Squash or Carrot Baby Food Recipe.

  1. Clean or Peel the fruit or veggie you decide to work with.
  2. Place in a pot with water coming just below the fruit or veggie.
  3. Boil until the fruit or veggie is soft/tender but not falling apart.
  4. Strain the water out and place in a blender to COOL BEFORE blending. Once cooled, puree in the blender.
  5. Place the pureed fruit or veggie in storage containers of your choice. I used 4 oz mason jars as the serving size worked great for me.
  6. Store in either the refrigerator or freeze until you are ready to use. Follow the recommendations below for baby food storage and maintenance.

****Guidelines on baby food storage. https://www.foodsafety.gov/blog/homemade_babyfood.html