Win it Wednesday with AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers

This week, we’re keeping it all natural… and all bright and fun too!! AppleCheeks cloth diapers has a great selection of fun, bright colors. Like us, their company focuses on the fun. You should check out the reveals they do for their diapers – talk about fun!!!

AppleCheeks gives you the chance to cloth diaper the way you want to. These diapers can be used as a pocket diaper, or an All in Two and you also have your choice of inserts. There’s something for everyone with AppleCheeks.

We took one look at the color selection for these diapers and realized there were not one, but THREE!!! colors that would look great with a Lol! Sucker. This week, enter to win your choice of St. Lucia, Cherry Tomato, or Lemon Zest Little Bundle.

LOL Sucker in Packaging - squareSt-Lucia LemonZest CherryTomato


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Win It Wednesday with Sign My Shirt!

Welcome to Win It Wednesday! This is a new feature we are hoping to run every couple of weeks. We thought it would be great fun to introduce you, our awesome fans to some other companies we think are Earthy, Edgy, Fun, or some combination of all three!! We didn’t think it would be fair to leave you without the chance to win an AppeTEETHER as well, so each giveaway will be paired up with a teether we think matches the other brand’s product the best (or in some cases, we’ll let you choose!).

This week, we have a giveaway from Sign My Shirt! Sign My Shirt is a super fun company and makes for great keepsakes or memories for your events! Be it a baby shower, a gender reveal, or maybe a first birthday, Sign My Shirt will help you create shirt you’ll love! You design the shirt, and then send out invites to all of your friends asking them to “sign.” Signing is done virtually and is quick and easy. Once your friends have signed, you go back in and layout all the signatures on your shirt. Then with a simple click, your shirt is ordered and on it’s way to you!! Sounds beyond fun to me!!

I'm 2To get this feature started in the most fun way possible, we’re going to let you choose your AppeTEETHER this week. That means you get a fully customizable shirt, AND whichever teether is your favorite! Entering is easy, just check out the form below!