The Best Crow's Nest - Halloween-Goodies-for-Babies--1024x738With a little one, even if you don’t want to dress them up in costume, Finn + Emma, Kapital K, Sticky Bellies, Little Toader, and Stuck On You still have you covered! I’m ogling over these adorable little treats for babies and cannot wait to get my little one into these fun creations!

1. Little Toader LOL! Sucker. Babies can still get a treat with this cute and fun LOL! Sucker Appleteether. Proven as effective teething toys for infants, you can kill two birds in one stone; a treat AND a practical little goody for babies who can’t have a real sucker! I love how this is fun and cute, but also serves a purpose in something all of us mom’s need to have on hand in the diaper bag for those fussy baby teething moments.

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