5 Ways to Simplify the Craziness of the Season

reduce holiday stressRegardless of how we celebrate our Holiday Season, be it Christmas, Hanukah, or Festivus for the Rest of Us, things can get so busy that we forget what this season is truly about. The meaning of the season for most remains to be a time of giving and sharing time with those we love. Here are five ways to simplify the craziness of the Holiday season.

1. Share the load

Don’t take everything on yourself. We create a sign up list of things for people to bring and jobs to sign up for. That way, one person isn’t stuck doing all the cooking, planning and cleaning up. It’s also a great way to teach the kiddos about working as a team.

2. Volunteer

Yes, it seems like giving more time we don’t have initially, but giving your time to those in need really puts things in perspective and helps us to focus on what really matters.

3. Think about donating to a charity instead of buying gifts.

We will often choose a family charity to donate to in lieu of giving gifts to each other.

4. Don’t overdo it.

Most of us tend to over plan, over buy and just plain go overboard. Try to keep things as simple as possible. It’s great to make everyone’s favorite side dish or buy that extra gift, but if those acts of kindness start to take over being able to enjoy the season, then they probably aren’t worth it.

5. Have Fun.

We are all about fun at Little Toader! We have a tradition of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and going nuts with gag gifts. Fun means something different to every family. Find a way to keep it light and fun.

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