5 Funny Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Parents

Picking out the perfect stocking stuffers for the family is a fun part of the holidays! Candy and small toys are great ideas for kids but sometimes you just don’t know what to get for babies and toddlers. If you want to get something special for your kids this year, why not choose something that’s unique and funny that will entertain parents as well? These five funny stocking stuffer ideas are cute, useful for baby/kids, and are sure to make parents laugh!

1. Shark Slippers

Available for adults, toddlers, and babies, these upcycled sock sets make lounging around ferocious family fun! Outside, a fierce shark face nips at your tot’s toes, and inside, the cushy polar fleece lining keeps his or her fins toasty. Grippy fishes swimming on the slipper’s soles provide a slip-free surface, perfect for lurking up behind loved ones for surprise hug attacks!


shark slippers

2. Make Your Own Monster Puppet

Kids can make their own lovable monster with the Make Your Own Monster Puppet from Melissa and Doug. The plush pieces easily Velcro to the puppet (our favorites are the hairy eyebrows!) and the possibilities are as endless as your little one’s imagination!


monster puppet

3. Little Toader AppeTEETHERS

Teething is no fun for anyone and can be painful for tiny tots and tough on the rest of the family. AppeTEETHERS are patented, silicone teething toys free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead. They provide the perfect amount of resistance to sooth toddlers’ sore gums, and best of all the cute one-of-a-kind designs will surely make you chuckle because they look exactly like real food! The current line includes Chompin’ Chicken Wing, Baby-Q Rib, Ice Cream U Scream, Nopainapple, LOL! Sucker and Broccoli Bites.



4. Chill Baby Mustache Pacifier

A baby with a mustache? Something is adorably wrong with this picture. Chill Baby Mustache Pacifier is designed to soothe and comfort baby, while giving parents a quiet break. And you can’t help but crack a smile when your baby looks up at you with a black mustache above their lip. Quality-molded from nontoxic plastic and baby-grade silicone, this pacifier is BPA free. The comfort shape and texture is especially soothing for infants.


pacifier mustache

5. Lumber Jack Beanie for Baby and Toddlers

Lumber Jack Mask and warm winter hat that turns your baby and toddler into a big strong lumberjack. Adorable and so Portland. Get your beard on. The beard is removable so you can have either a hipster hat or keep the face warm with a beard. Great because in those rough winter climates the delicate baby skin can get cracked and dry. Protect it from winter wind and snow with an adorable and manly beard.


lumber jack beanie

What funny stocking stuffers have you purchased?

teething toysWritten by Lori Bredemeier, Founder of Little Toader.

Lori Bredemeier is the co-founder of Little Toader with her husband Michael. They are the inventors of AppeTEETHERS, safe and effective teething toys for babies that look like real foods!

What makes AppeTEETHERS safe:

1. AppeTEETHERS are solid silicone and extremely durable. There are no parts and there are no surface materials that could possibly come apart or detached.

2. Lori and Michael are germ-a-phobes! This is another reason they chose silicone. AppeTEETHERS are not porous so they do not absorb germs, dirt, or any other undesirable deposits. This makes them very easy to clean at home or on the go.

3. AppeTEETHERS do not have topical paint. All of our coloring is the actual color of the silicone. There is no risk of flaking or having the paint rub off into your baby’s mouth.

Consistently ranking in the top teething toys, AppeTEETHERS are a truly unique teething solution. Babies love them and parents get a kick out of watching their precious bundle of joy using them. All Little Toader products are tested and are Consumer Product Safety Commission compliant.

Visit www.littletoader.com.

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