3 Reasons Why a Consistent Sleeping Place Helps Your Child Sleep Better

baby asleepWhether you have an infant who has just started smiling, a baby who has trouble falling asleep, or a toddler who still wakes up a few times a night, they will all benefit from napping or sleeping in a consistent sleeping place. So what exactly is a consistent sleeping place? It could be their crib or bed in their room, a bassinet in your room, or a playpen at naptime. Regardless of where they sleep, the key is to keep it consistent.

Here are 3 reasons why a consistent sleeping place will help your child go to sleep easier, and get better quality sleep.

1. It becomes a positive sleep cue

If you use their crib or playpen as their consistent sleeping place, your child will begin to associate that location with sleep. As they get used to sleeping there all the time, falling asleep will become easier and require less assistance from you. If you’ve been used to rocking, swinging or driving your child around to help them fall asleep, using a consistent sleeping place like their crib will eliminate the need to provide those sleep props. Think about all the extra time you’ll have!

2. It will have consistent conditions

Having a consistent sleeping place means that you can control the sleeping environment. The more consistent your child’s sleeping environment is, the easier it will be for them to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. It’s best to keep the room as dark as possible, a cool temperature around 20 degrees, quiet, comfortable and of course safe to prevent SIDS. Ensuring all those conditions are present when your child falls asleep in the swing in the kitchen is very difficult! Your child is more likely to wake sooner than they should.

3. It will be easier for them to go back to sleep between sleep cycles

I had a client say to me, “After my daughter falls asleep in the living room in her bouncy chair, we gently carry her to her crib for the night. Could this be the reason she wakes up at night?” My response was “absolutely!”

Think about it — how often have you suddenly woken up while sleeping at a hotel or a friend’s house and wondered “where the heck am I?” You wake yourself up more just to figure out how you got there! The same is for children. When the child wakes briefly between sleep cycles (as we all do), they do a quick check to make sure everything is as it was when they fell asleep. If things have changed, like where they are sleeping, they will likely wake up fully and call for you. If they are in their consistent sleeping place, they will likely roll over and go back to sleep peacefully.


Jenn KelnerGuest post by Jenn Kelner, Founder of BabyZzz 

Jenn Kelner, owner and Certified Child Sleep Consultant for BabyZzz, is a mother of 3 children and knows what a difference a good night’s sleep can make.  Her journey to becoming a Child Sleep Consultant began when her first child was born, and she quickly realized that a baby does not always “sleep like a baby!”  After extensive research, she was successful in coaching her daughter to develop healthy sleep habits and self-soothing skills, and benefits from a well-rested, happy family.  When Jenn’s twin sons were born, she was able to apply her knowledge and experience to establish healthy sleep habits and a good sleep foundation from the very beginning.

Jenn is a graduate from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University, and a Chartered Accountant.  She currently lives in Aurora, Ontario.  Since becoming an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, she is continuously expanding her knowledge on sleep issues, and how to provide our children with the best sleep possible.  Contact Jenn today for your free 15-minute initial assessment, and to get more information on how to get your child “sleeping like a baby.”


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What to Expect the First 2 Weeks of Breastfeeding

breastfeeding what to expectI found this great article on what to expect during the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding on She consistently gives great advice on breastfeeding topics most people do not talk about. I love this article because there are links to find out more if you want to know it. I hope this helps shed some light for those of you wondering… Pass it on to those it may help. I wish I knew this BEFORE I had my son! 🙂 Nicole Zoellner – Nizo Wear

Days 2-10: Your milk will come in sometime between day 2-5. Your mode of delivery will impact when the milk comes in. As well as factors like illness, excessive blood loss, hormone levels, exhaustion and emotional state. Click here to learn how vaginal vs. c-section deliveries will impact your milk. The time your milk comes in can be affected by several factors. Your birth experience, health status, medications you are taking and exhaustion. Milk production is considered an “extra” function so if your body needs to concentrate on something more important, like keeping you alive due to excessive blood loss, milk production may have to wait until you are better. But lets now assume your milk is in. How do you know? Most women will experience engorgement. Click here to learn more about engorgement. If you do not experience engorgement (WHAT? Seriously, there are people who do not experience engorgement?!), then your first indication could be that you are now hearing your baby gulp with every suck. Or that your breasts are leaking. If you do not experience any of these signs by day 7 I highly encourage you to see a lactation consultant.

When your milk comes in another sign can be LETDOWN . The letdown response can be uncomfortable at the beginning. For me it was. It felt like it feels when your hand or foot falls asleep and the blood is returning- that strong tingling sensation only on your nipple areola area. It was pretty intense. The good news is that it only lasts for 10-15 seconds. Not all experience this but most do. After your milk is in, you can change your feeding pattern up a little now to better empty the breasts by: Feed on one side per feeding instead of both sides at each feed. A simple way to do this is to feed for 10-15 minutes, take baby off to burp and put them back on the SAME breast until they fall asleep. Then for the next feed go to the other breast. Why change the pattern? We suggest changing the pattern because of the foremilk/hindmilk that you have once your milk is in. Once you have milk volume, the milk in is categorized as fore and hind milk. Foremilk is a thinner/watery type milk that can be obtained at the beginning of a feeding. HIND milk is a fattier milk that can only be obtained toward the end of a feeding. The idea is that if you offer BOTH breasts for 10 min and 10 min your baby may not get to the hind milk thus causing them to feed more frequently and possibly be gassy because the of the foremilk. Learn more about ForeMilk and HindMilk here

For the next week, you will have these days: Feeding every 2-3 hours, changing diapers, sleeping when the baby does, eating whenever possible, showering daily if possible, visiting with people that you will not remember visiting with, and repeating it over and over. Sounds crazy but it is pure bliss getting to know your child. Cherish it, the time is over before you know it.

Go from days 2 to 10 to first 2 weeks main page
Go from days 2 to 10

Nizo Wear Founder Nicole ZoellnerGuest post by Nicole Zoellner from 

Nizo Wear is the first nursing bra to have a unique, patented pocket in the pull-down flap that can hold a heating or cooling pack helping bring moms relief and healing faster while being extremely comfortable and super chic.

Nizo Wear nursing bras were inspired by the real-life experience of the company’s founder, Nicole Zoellner. When Nicole became pregnant with her son, she eagerly read all the materials her doctor had given her about the benefits of breastfeeding. She happily anticipated the feelings of serenity and bonding that nursing promises mother and infant.

So, Nicole set out to do for other nursing moms what no-one had been able to do for her: provide a practical, comfortable way to get relief from the soreness breastfeeding mothers often experience. Her design was patented, and Nizo Wear was born.  Visit

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Spreading the word, “Never Shake a Baby!”

Baby Haleigh Fund


Baby Haleigh Donation Fund

At Little Toader, we believe in bringing attention to causes that touch our heart. There are so many great causes out there. We want to share with you the Baby Haleigh Donation Fund. Created to bring awareness and to share the message, “Never shake a baby”, and to help provide a sweet little girl the care she needs to recover.

The thought of it is tough to imagine; why someone would shake a baby? It is more common than you would think. Baby Haleigh, now 2 years old, has spent most of her life rehabilitating from an injury sustained as a newborn. The most common cause of injury sustained from shaking a baby is caregiver stress. It is so important to get the message out and to provide another way for parents to get through those sometimes hours of crying that seem like they will never end.

The hospitals we delivered our kids at required us to watch a video before we left. It was mandatory and they made us sign a document saying we watched the video. The video went over some basic baby care topics, but also covered the topic of shaking a baby. The actors in the video were “normal” looking parents that became overwhelmed with the stress of a new baby and shook their baby. While the stages of inconsolable crying aren’t permanent, the damage from shaking a baby can be.

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome offers some great tips for coping with inconsolable crying that can occur with a newborn. Shaken Baby Syndrome is 100% preventable. The Baby Haleigh Donation Fund is not only working to raise funds to help get Haleigh the care she needs, but they are about sharing the message to “Never shake a baby.” They provide free car decals to help spread the word. Decals can be provided by sending an email to Donations can be provided by contacting any Wells Fargo Bank. Advise that you are looking to donate to the Baby Haleigh Donation Fund (account owner Beth Strickland).

lori-teething toys inventorWritten by Lori Bredemeier, Founder of Little Toader makers of AppeTEETHERS

Lori Bredemeier is the co-founder of Little Toader with her husband Michael. They are the inventors of AppeTEETHERS and here is how their teething toys are chosen again and again by parents as babies’ favorite teether.  The unique patented design has five key features:

    • one solid silicone piece — there are no parts and no surface materials that could possibly come apart or detached;
    • easy to clean – not porous so they do not absorb germs, dirt, or any other undesirable deposits;
    • uniquely designed for baby to easily hold on and fit into the different angles of baby’s mouth;
    • patented, silicone with slight texture providing the perfect amount of resistance — no topical paint and no risk of fading or having the paint rub off into baby’s mouth; and
    • free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead.

Not only are AppeTEETHERS safe and effective, they are funny too! Using a play on words with “appetizers” and “teethers,” AppeTEETHERS look like real food: choice of Chompin’ Chicken (wing) or Baby-Q Rib with Nopainapple, Ice Scream U Scream, Broccoli Bites, and LOL! Sucker coming this summer.

Consistently ranking as one of the top teething toys, AppeTEETHERS are a truly unique teething solution. Babies love them and parents get a kick out of watching their precious bundle of joy using them. All Little Toader products are tested and are Consumer Product Safety Commission compliant.

Baby Zone (Disney) – 18 Wild, Wacky and Wonderfully Weird Baby Products

Baby Zone - Disney

18 Wild, Wacky and Wonderfully Weird Baby Products

Baby back ribs for the teething set! Get ready for the double takes if you let your three-month-old baby gnaw on this at a restaurant.

Read More…

Featured Boutique “Mortimer Snodgrass”

Just say the name and you think fun! Our featured boutique is Mortimer Snodgrass a fun, whimsical gift shop located in Montreal Canada. They focus on carrying products that are unique. Of course, AppeTEETHERS teething toys fit the bill! The store is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Jay Sokoloff and Virginia Champoux. The shop is named after the couple’s dog, Mortimer – who is an SPCA mutt and now retired from the daily retail grind – and a little known former baseball player named Chappie Snodgrass. Mortimer Snodgrass is both an online and brick and mortar store. They’ve been selling funky and unique items for the whole family for over 11 years. Located a few steps away from Montreal’s famous Notre Dame Basilica, you can’t miss them. But don’t worry if you aren’t a local to the area or visiting, they sell online and ship anywhere in the world!


Mortimer Snodgrass is located at 56 Notre Dame West in Montreal. On the web at, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Drop in and receive 10% off of your AppeTEETHERS purchase. Offer good thru July 31, 2013.

Stick with us as we take you on a journey around the world with AppeTEETHERS. Find out where they will pop up next.

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teething toys

5 Tips to Safely Swaddle Baby

best baby swaddleDaycares around the country have started to ban swaddling since 2011. Is swaddling really dangerous?  We think not so long as you are aware of the risks and follow five safety tips listed below to ensure baby is safely swaddled.

Swaddling is an age old practice that helps babies to sleep longer and sounder. When done properly, swaddling can be the single most important sleep tool a mother or daycare provider can master.

Some key benefits to Swaddling:

  • Swaddling helps to mimic touch, which is so important for your baby.
  • It also recreates the confinement felt in the womb easing the transition from “womb to world.”
  • Swaddling prevents the startle reflex (arm jumping) so baby sleeps longer without intermittent wake-ups from having free arms.
  • Swaddling also helps to maintain the “back is best” sleep position.
  • The most important benefit is a good sleep pattern for mom and baby.

Known risks with traditional swaddle blankets:

  • Traditional swaddle blankets, when wrapped too tightly, can reduce necessary movement in the hips causing hip dysplasia.
  • Strong babies can easily break out of traditional swaddling blankets which unravel and cover baby’s face (potential suffocation risk)
  • Blankets too thick or layered can cause overheating, which can be linked to SIDS.
  • Swaddling with a blanket is not an easy technique to master; parents and caretakers can swaddle baby incorrectly (too tight for example).

The good news is in today’s market, there are many great options to avoid these risks!

Five safe swaddling tips for parents and caretakers:

  1. Always place your swaddled baby on his/her back to sleep.
  2. Use a swaddle where baby can have good hip range of motion- this will prevent hip issues.
  3. Use a swaddle that will not unravel – this will prevent blankets from ending up covering baby’s face.
  4. Once baby is actively rolling, consult with your Pediatrician for next steps. Also, try an arms-free swaddle to help the transition such as the Convertible Woombie.
  5. Don’t over-swaddle your baby or double swaddle – be mindful that overheating baby is linked to SIDS.

Karen-Barski-baby-swaddle-inventorWritten by Karen Barski, BSN, RN, Mother of five, Certified Infant Care Specialist & Instructor, & Inventor of the Woombie Baby Swaddle

Karen has been an RN for 18 years, and has worked in many different nursing roles. As a Certified Infant Care Specialist, Karen counsels thousands of families yearly on a multitude of issues relating to pregnancy and infancy. Also, as a mother of five, she has invaluable experience and tips to share.

Since 2007, Karen’s company, KB Designs, has invented a line of signature baby swaddle products that have helped parents easily transition their new babies from womb to home. There are multiple designs and sizes so that babies can enjoy the comfort and security of the Woombie up until the time they begin to roll. The newest design called the Woombie Air has special features to eliminate risks explained above.

Features of the Woombie that eliminate multiple swaddling risks:

  • 4-way stretchy fabric cocoons baby but allows for hip movement.
  • The Woombie will not unravel like traditional swaddle blankets. Prevents issues such as startling, face scratching, overheating and dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby’s face.
  • Light and breathable — new Woombie Air technology allows for excess body heat to escape creating the first ventilated swaddle.
  • Easy for mom to use: just put baby in and zip (2-way zipper for easy diaper changes); moms who swaddle their babies are less likely to put their babies to sleep on their stomachs when exhausted.

Each product has been created and designed by Karen because of a need she identified in her life with her five children. With convenience, safety, and fashion in mind, KB Designs has helped over a half million babies…and counting!

Read Karen’s story on how she invented the Woombie in the middle of the night on her grandmother’s sewing machine which turned into a million dollar mommy business. Read Woombie Baby Swaddle Story

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Belly Ballot – Summer Favorites from Belly Ballot (

We have seen some amazing products this summer, and we wanted to share six of our favorites during these hot summer months! With three small kids, these products have been lifesavers!

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