Month: June 2013

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Five Ways to Make Parenting Fun

At Little Toader, we are all about making parenting fun! Michael and I were drawn to one another because we liked each other’s sense of humor. We have the kind of relationship that allows us to prank, poke fun at, and just plain laugh at one another without getting offended. Embracing this fun philosophy, we […]
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5 Safety Must Haves for Children This Summer + Giveaway!

Summer is here and June is actually National Child Safety Awareness Month. Summer is full of fun, travel, going to the beach and more – here are five summer must haves to keep kids safe this summer: 1. Parking Pal Magnet This is a super safety product; unpacking the car at the beach can be […]
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Dentistry IQ – AppeTeethers help babies teeth with mock appetizers

It’s not news to parents that teething can cause a great deal of pain for babies. Through the years, teething rings have proven to get babies and parents through the weeks or months of discomfort. But why hand a baby a traditional round teething ring when you can hand him or her a “Chompin’ chicken […]

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