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Appeteethers were created when our first child was teething. She didn’t like any of the teething toys on the market and we noticed they were all the same thing that has been on the market for decades. My Husband and I love humor! We thought, “how funny would it be to see this precious baby teething on something that looked like a chicken wing or a rib?”

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Peanut Butter and Whine

Now this will make you do a double take!! Little Toader Cafe, Baby-Q-Ribs and Chompin’ Chicken Wing’s by Appeteethers!! Seriously, seeing Baby Alice crawl around the floor with a chicken wing in her mouth cracks me UP!!

Alice and her RibsIf you are a regular here you know that Baby Alice has taken to using our leather couch as her own teething ring!!  If you let her stand any where near the couch she will have a mouthful of leather in a matter of seconds. Okay, it’s true I have teeth marks on the table legs and door jams from the dogs teething. But, truly the last thing I thought ALICE would use as a teething toy was the COUCH!!
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Growing up a NJ Wife – Let’s talk teething!

E has a grand total of FIVE teeth.  The first three poked through during our Thanksgiving vacation in Myrtle Beach.  The fourth came as a total surprise on Christmas Eve, and her fifth and final tooth came a couple of weeks ago.
To be completely honest I have NO idea what teething looks like.  I’ve “thought” her crankiness or general displeasure with the world was teething on multiple occasions.  However I was mistaken.  In fact her Christmas tooth came through and we had no idea she was even teething.  It’s her ninja tooth.  The other four we knew were coming.
So far as much as I can tell E’s teething signs are buckets of snot and enough drool to lube a Chevy.  It’s insane how much fluid comes out of her face holes.  After the tooth comes in we are in for a load of diaper fun if you catch my drift.
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Mama to 4 Blessings

Little Toader, LLC is a Florida based company that was started based on the desire to have a business that would allow us to create products for children that were safe, unique and fun for all!
After peaking around Little Toader’s web-site I got a real understanding of who Little Toader was and their products. They offer everyday products that are practical and fun. Especially when you have a screaming baby that is teething. That is when their Appleteethers come into play!
Not only are Appeteethers fun for those watching, but these teething toys are designed to ease teething discomfort. Made of silicone, and were manufactured to ensure they are Non-Toxic, BPA Free, Lead Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free. Every batch of Appeteethers is tested by an independent third party organization to ensure the highest level of safety and comply with all Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements.
Appeteethers come in:  Baby Q Ribs, Chompin Chicken and  A Sampler Pack (of both Baby Q Ribs and Chompin Chicken).
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Mallery’s Deals

This picture was taken back in January and holy cow has Michael grown up!  This was before he became a little walking terror and before his teeth would wake him up at night.  I have traded his beautiful 12 hours of sleep for bags beneath my eyes, a semi-cleaned house for mayhem.  I still love him to pieces though.

I recently wrote a post about what I have found to work for a teething baby and the teether that I mentioned is that awesome chicken wing in the picture above!  Everyone loves it and I can’t say that I blame them because it is the talk of the town.  I have been using our teethers from Little Toader for a good 6 months and I can tell you that they are Michael’s favorite.  You should buy one if you have a sense of humor or want to appear like you have a sense of humor! Are you feeling lucky?  You can even try your luck in the Mompact giveaway below for a pretty rad bundle of products.

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