Views from the ‘Ville – Holiday Gift Guide

In addition to the cute Storybook PJs I shared with you earlier, Little Toader also produces the Appeteether.  These “Appetizer Teethers” are a fun and unique choice of teether for your little one.
The Appeteethers currently come in two varieties (though a little birdie tells me additional selections may soon be on the way): Chompin’ Chicken Wing and Baby-Q Ribs.  It’s kind of funny to watch your little one chomping away on their own BBQ rib.
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Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas – ABC Chicago

Untrained Hair Mom

Baby Boy is teething and while searching the web for natural teething aids and safe teether I came across…they have the cutest, most unique teethers for babies! Check it out a teether…. that looks like a chicken wing.

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Mommy and Me Giveaways

Hi all!  Julianne here with a quick review and a great discount code for you!  We have worked with Little Toader in the past and their Storybook PJ’s are simply divine.  They are one of Jorja’s favorites and mine as well.  They stay so soft and cuddly and we love to read the book every night at bedtime.  Another fun product from Little Toader is their teething toys.  They are so unique and make me giggle every time.  Their teethers are called Appeteethers and are shaped like Baby-Q Ribs and a Chompin’ Chicken Wing.  Jorja is working hard on those 2 year molars and the wing is the perfect shape to reach all the way in the back of her mouth.  She goes to town on the chicken wing and looks like a frat boy at a buffet with it!  :)   They are also PVC free, phthalate free, BPA free, lead free and non-toxic so I feel just fine with her munching away.

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