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Connected 2 Christ

You just never know when a baby is going to get their teeth in. And this was totally the case when my baby boy started getting his bottom two teeth in at 5 months and then his top two teeth  only weeks later.  This was not the case with his sister! She didn’t get her […]
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CoolCanucks Blog Contest ~ Little Toader Appeteether Review & Giveaway!! CLOSED

Are you in search of the best Teething Toys ever invented?? Well look no fur­ther, as Lit­tle Toader has invented the Appeteether just for your lit­tle one!! I am assured that you never even dreamed of giv­ing your teething infant a chicken wing or some ribs at that age, but now you can do so safely while also giv­ing their lit­tle gums satisfaction! […]

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