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Chicken Wing Appeteether

Watching your baby chomp on a chicken wing or mini barbecue rib will tickle your funny bone. Silicone teethers are free of lead, BPA, PVC and phthalates. Jenny says 8-month-old Ridge really seemed to enjoy sinking his “teeth” into it.

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WTS Toy Review


You may have never imagined giving your child a spare rib or chicken wing before they had a full set of teeth; however, Little Toader is happy to make this unknown dream come true. Not only are Appeteethers fun for those watching, these teething toys are designed to ease teething discomfort. The Baby-Q Rib and Chompin’ Chicken Wing have varying colors and textures to help stimulate your baby’s senses. Non-Toxic, BPA Free, Lead Free, PVC Free, and Phthalate Free. Every batch of Appeteethers is tested by an independent third party organization to ensure the highest level of safety and comply with all Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. Kids love chewing away at them and parents get a kick out of watching them do it!

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Adventures of a Thrifty Mommy

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Storybook PJ’s from Little Toader. Today I am here to tell you about another great product from Little Toader called the Appeteether. They are these funny BPA teething toys that look like a chicken wing or ribs! I received the Chompin Chicken Wing Appeteether to review. It is so funny to watch my niece, who is teething, chomping on her Chompin Chicken Wing Appeteether! The Appeteether is designed to ease teething discomfort with varying colors and textures to help stimulate your baby’s senses.

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