20 Creeptastic Halloween Treats and Crafts

It’s time for a round up! We scoured the web and bring you our favorite Halloween tutorials! You will find 10 of the best treats and 10 more of the best crafts and decor below. Give them a visit, pin their post, and get inspired!

10 Delightful Delectables

Bloody Brain Balls by Hungry Happenings
Bloody Brain Balls by Hungry Happenings

Angela: Ewwww I would not eat them in a box, I would not eat them with a fox.. But they look so real.
Amber: OMG! I love these so much. I would totally eat these and serve them to my kids to gross them out. They are the perfect balance of yummy and gross!

Witches Wart Juice by Lady Behind the Curtain
Witches Wart Juice by Lady Behind the Curtain

Angela:  It is a little like popping a zit… lol The name totally gets me.
Amber: I am constantly amazed at these inventive Halloween recipes. I never would have thought to use tapioca for this! Ingenious!

Candy Covered Marshmallow Pumpkins by The Happier Homemaker

Candy Covered Marshmallow Pumpkins by The Happier Homemaker

Angela:  This is the difference between Amber and I, this is my Halloween speed. I think this is something I would eat! 
Amber: These are too cute. Definitely something the kiddos could help you with and you could serve at a kid friendly Halloween party!

Mini Mummy Cakes by A Typical English Home

Mini Mummy Cakes by A Typical English Home

Angela:  I would totally make these for my granddaughter’s preschool! How cute are they?
Amber: She said she made these in like 10 minutes, I think? Color me impressed!
These look amazing and I would totally serve these.

Dracula's Dentures by The Girl Who Ate Everything

Dracula’s Dentures by The Girl Who Ate Everything

Angela:   These are HILARIOUS! I love these cookies with a bite!
Amber: I have seen a couple of variations this year with apples and
marshmallows but nothing can beat this one in my opinion!

Not-So-Spooky Oreo Bats

Not-So-Spooky Oreo Bats by Our Best Bites

Angela:  Honestly, you had me at chocolate covered Oreo, but the fact 
they have eyes and wings are even better.
Amber: I can hear my kids freaking out about this one as we speak. I am pretty sure
my son might try to eat the wings though. A very cute idea and perfectly executed!

Sweet Intestines with Bloody Glass by The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Sweet Intestines with Bloody Glass by The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Angela:  I think the glass is really creative and still just gross enough.
Amber: Using puff pastry as intestines has to be one of the most creative ideas I have seen!
I just adore the touch of glass and oozing blood. Yum!

Pumpkin Cake by Make Fabulous Cakes

Pumpkin Cake by Make Fabulous Cakes

Angela:  Excellent job laying the fondant! I love the design-very Tim Burton like.
Amber: This looks like a REAL pumpkin! It is just amazing. I am in awe at her cake skills.
My favorite part about this tutorial is the tip she gave to make the black all shiny!

Spider Web Snacks by Mom Endeavors

Spider Web Snacks by Mom Endeavors

Angela: I love these great Halloween party snacks. These would be great for kid aged 4 to 94!
Amber: Another one my kids would love. This was very clever and it looks delicious!

Healthy Halloween Snack: Cheese Eyeballs by Cute Food for Kids

Healthy Halloween Snack: Cheese Eyeballs by Cute Food for Kids?

Angela: Oh my gosh! I never would have thought of Baby Bell Cheese! A bit grossed out but very cool.
Amber: Ooh, baby bells as eyeballs! Nice!! I am not sure how I would feel about ketchup with my baby bell
but I think this would be a hit for sure. They are realistic but not too realistic, so I think you could serve these at a kids party. 

 10 Creeptastic Crafts & Decor

Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks by Flamingo Toes

Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks by Flamingo Toes

Angela:  This one caught my eye immediately.  Super clever! I thought “How in the world?”
Amber: This is just amazing. Probably one of my favorite Halloween craft tutorials this year! I am so inspired by this!

Halloween Mason Jar Project by Neat Little Nest

Halloween Mason Jar Project by Neat Little Nest

Angela: A lot for a little and you can’t beat that!
Amber: So stinkin’ cute! I love how adorable these are, how easy and affordable
they are, and the fact that I can make them with my kids!

Halloween Crafts – wine cork toys by MollyMoo

Halloween Wine Cork Toys by MollyMoo

Angela:  I think these are the most orignal use of wine corks yet. Best ever!
Amber: Okay! This one is it! I MUST make these like right now, today.
I need a basket of wine corks so I can make them too. And I know
plenty of winos, so I think I got this!

Make your own Bell Jar by Crafty in Crosby

Make your own Bell Jar by Crafty in Crosby

Angela:  Very Edgar Allen Poe like! Creepy and Vintage, Got to love that!
Amber: I love these economic affordable ideas. This is definitely
one craft I will be displaying outside of my house on Halloween!
Maybe with some candles around it!

Witch's Urn by BirshyKat

Witch’s Urn by BirshyKat

Angela:  This is too funny!  I would totally put this in one of my father’s planters just to freak him out! 
Amber: LOVE this! I totally have a thing for witches and this is just perfect. If done right it can be really simple and affordable. I might even have this up all year long!

Dollar Craft: Halloween Wreath by My Personal Accent

Dollar Craft: Halloween Wreath by My Personal Accent

Angela:  I didn’t make this so I can comment on it. Since I really can’t stand wreaths, it takes
a lot to catch my attention, I like this because it is unusual and is about as
inexpensive as you can get and not be free.  Yay! Amber!

Amber: Since this is my craft I can’t really comment on it, right? I don’t think I can.
What I will say is I made it for around $6 and that is my kind of craft!

DIY Halloween Yard Decor: Giant Spider in Spiderweb by Mom Endeavors

DIY Halloween Yard Decor: Giant Spider in Spiderweb by Mom Endeavors

Angela:  I am the household spider assassin (maybe not ones the size of a dog),  however webs gross me out so this is pretty creepy!
Amber: Okay so out of all of the creepy, icky, gross stuff… THIS one really freaks me out! I hate spiders and while I want to make this. I think I will have my husband do it… and stay far, far away.

Felt Bat Halloween Brooch by Do Small Things with Love

Felt Bat Halloween Brooch by Do Small Things with Love

Angela:  Very cute! Can’t sew a stitch but I can appreciate it.
Amber: This is TOO cute! I am going to make this ASAP! I love sewing and I
love cute little bats. His little button eyes pull me in. So sporting this on Halloween week.

Glowing Eyes Halloween

Glowing Eyes
Note: I found this one on Pinterest. The link will take you to the full image so you can read the captions. I was not able to find the original blog post for this but I did find one using cellophane and Christmas lights, and one using glowsticks.

Eyes in the Bushes by Thrifty Crafty Girl

Spooky Toilet Paper Tube Eyes by Thrifty Fun

Angela:  I kind of want to try this anytime to scare the neighbors walking their dogs lol.  Didn’t say I didn’t have an evil side.
Amber: Definitely doing this one! You can get a pack of glowsticks for a dollar at the Dollar Tree and then who doesn’t have toilet paper rolls hanging around the house?

Cheap trash bag Halloween decorating by How About Orange

Cheap Trash Bag Halloween Decorating by How About Orange

Angela:  Super thrifty and creative.  This kind of creative diva deserves a “Way to Go!” for making the best out of less!
Amber: WOO! This is what I call creativity on a budget!
You can bet starting tomorrow these will be all over my house!

So tell us, we’re dying to know. ..

Which one is your favorite?

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